About Apprenticeships

What happens during an apprenticeship?

A full apprenticeship occurs over twelve weeks, six weekly classes of in-school preparation, and six apprenticeship sessions (2.5—3.0 hours) at a business site.

In-School preparation

Apprentices attend six weekly classes where they participate in activities to help them:

  • Better understand their own interests and learning styles
  • Understand good work habits, communication, and presentation skills that are commonly used in the workplace
  • Develop a resume documenting their experiences
  • Research various types of training, skills and experience involved in professions of interest to students.

 Workplace Experience

Following this preparation, students are matched with a local workplace. Students travel by T or by foot to the workplace and, for approximately 2.5 hours, experience firsthand a variety of people, tasks, and environments that comprise the local workforce while applying the skills they have been practicing. Typically, a student might support one or several steps in a workplace process. For example, students can greet customers, check inventory, or other small tasks that help them understand how a business operates.

 For the adults in the workplace

Organizations and businesses host two or three students per term. The goal is for students to learn good habits of work and to gain a better understanding of how adults have landed their current jobs.

 Adults can:

  •  Model: Be explicit and describe the workplace behaviors you use on a daily basis.
  • Mentor: Find and share a common experience with the student to make a personal connection to your story and a young person’s aspirations.
  • Reflect: Explore ideas, viewpoints and offer feedback.

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