School Partners

Fall 2012 School Partners

Mission Hill School.  Apprentice Learning will be partnering with the mission Hill School to provide apprenticeships for 8th graders in the Fall 2012.

About the School. The Mission Hill School (K0-8), a Boston Public Pilot School, is located in the former Agassiz School in Jamaica Plain at 20 Child Street. The curriculum stresses the integration of traditional subject and the arts. We emphasizes building both the skills and habits of mind needed to be a life-long learner. Imagining oneself in the shoes of others is one of our central “five habits of mind.” Learning to weigh evidence is another. Modern technology is integrated into all classroom work. Committed to small class size, groupings are multi-age so children will have the same teacher for two years. Each classroom is designed to accommodate art, math, and science and to serve as a library and computer lab. Most student work is done in small groups or one-on-one.

School and family collaboration is central to its operational life. The school itself is a laboratory for democratic conversation and debate. Graduation from 8th grade is built around collaboratively designed performances that demonstrate the capacity to fulfill high school expectations and enter into young adulthood. All members of the school community are responsible for making such expectations realizable.  Principal: Ayla Gavins.

Mission Hill School    20 Child Street     Jamaica Plain  MA  02130   Phone: 617-635-6384

School website:


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