About Community Partners

The responsibility for shaping the next generation of citizens, artists, and scholars who will  help our communities thrive falls to each of us. Public education is a shared effort that offers many ways to be involved and supportive. Apprentice Learning reaches out to local organizations and businesses who offer middle school students an introduction to the world of work and an opportunity to develop productive work habits at an early age. For partners who host students there are numerous benefits. Our goal for Community Partners is that:

1. You support the public education of children in your community.

2. You develop relationships with young consumers and their families.

3. You identify future employees.

4. You share your expertise and know-how

At the Mission Hill School, these Habits of Work (Be Prepared, Be on Time, Stick to the Task, Listen, Follow Directions) are woven into all aspects of school life. The opportunity to apply these skills in the real world, in a work situation, helps reinforce their importance at a critical age.

Students prepare in school for their apprenticeships, then come once a week for six weeks to see the world of adults and imagine their place in it.  Our goals for the students are:

1.  Sustain engagement in learning: Understanding why persistence and academic skills are important for the future.

 2.  Maintain a positive attitude toward the future: What are the steps I can take now to fulfill my future dreams?

 3.  Learn practical skills: Gaining skills useful for future employment and using the Habits of Work

 4.  Build towards other working and learning opportunities: Develop a résumé and learn about other opportunities that start in high school.



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