Helen Russell, founder and executive director of Apprentice Learning has been directing experiential learning programs for youth in Boston for over 30 years with the Boston Public Schools and Outward Bound, the outdoor leadership program that helps young people develop skill and courage. Her career integrates expertise in youth development, experiential education, program management, and fundraising.

Apprentice Learning builds on the success of the School-to-Community Initiative (SCI), which Ms. Russell developed and directed at Boston’s Mission Hill School from 1998 to 2005. It also draws on her past experience coordinating external partnerships for over a decade with both the Mission Hill School and Boston Arts Academy. Prior to her work with the Boston Public Schools, she worked as the Program Director for Thompson Island Outward Bound, in Boston, an organization serving 20,000 children, educators, and adults each year in a variety of experience and adventure-based programs.

A proponent of program models that bring young people’s learning into the real world, Ms. Russell believes that students reach their best potential when they are asked to contribute to big, meaningful, real-world goals, especially when they work within teams to achieve those goals.

She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Boston College, and an M.Ed from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.