Monthly Archives: November 2012

Young Apprentice Citizens

Today, on Election Day, the Mission Hill kindergarteners staged a Presidential Election for all the students in the school. After a visit to school’s gymnasium to learn about how voting works, students staged their own election. They  set up a ballot distribution table where voters could select a ballot with pictures or words, a ballet collection box, and voting booths to ensure privacy! Students were exceptionally well-versed in voting rules and instructed everyone on the rules. Votes will be counted at the end of the school day and results published tomorrow.


The Skills Gap

What is preparation for our next generation workforce? In our beta culture, can  we even predict what jobs will look like?  Tim Brown, CEO and President of IDEO encourages a broader focus on education–to include apprenticeships. Many skills needed for technology, engineering, and entrepreneurship will require training up–skill acquisition that happens prior to hiring. Apprenticeships offer an opportunity for workers to match their problem solving, critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills to a workplace culture.  Check out his article: