Apprentice Learning

Apprentice Learning introduces middle schoolers to the world of work by teaching specific preparatory skills and placing students in a local workplace where they work alongside professionals. Modeled after the world of apprenticeships where one learns at the side of a master craftsman, students experience of the types of jobs, skills and opportunities that make up a local workforce, while taking the steps necessary attain a profession and create a satisfying work life.

Partnerships with selected professionals provide structured, safe, community-based experiences in the workplace that set high expectations for students and link classroom-based learning to real world experiences.  Through structured reflection, active preparation and self-exploration, and the use of technology, students affirm their learning styles, interests and goals and increase their employability in meaningful part-time work that can begin in high school.

Apprentice Learning identifies partner schools who are willing to dedicate weekly instructional time during school and matches students with community businesses and organizations committed to building a well-educated citizenry.  Using AL goals to guide workplace experiences, students practice  lasting skills, expand their knowledge of career pathways, and learn with adults who share a commitment to creating an educated citizenry.